Accessibility Testing Ruter Applicaion

Ruter is very famous transport application in Oslo. Around 350,000 individuals use this services daily to find a bus, train and boat timings to reached their destinations daily.  but when its comes to Accessibility this services lacks with ISO, EU and WCAG standards. some are highlighted below.

There are many immigrants and visitors used this application with default language “English” for this app.but still some important message like delayed, suspend or construction work in progress notification shows in Norwegian which frustrates user to find accurate information about their Journey.

Language Barrier

Language barrier

like in the example above the language the bus changes its route. its create a social barrier to the end user to learn basic Norwegian to utilise this application. In some scenarios when a passenger is in hurry have no time to translate this notification with AT’s(Assistive Technology).

These Application violets too many WCAG rules like keyboard controls to colour contrast and no alternative text for ATs. we can further highlight these issue in next posts.


Author: Danial

Hi! I am Danial, a student of Masters in Universal ICT Design at Oslo and Akershus University College, Norway. I am currently doing my research on Three-Dimensional (3D) Touch User experience for elderly people. The research analyzes how senior citizens use, think, and learn new gestures to operate smartphones so they integrate well in a society that's dominated by technology.

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