Why Landmarks are essential for Websites?

I’ve been working for The Web Accessibility Audit for the last six months. During this period, I came across many web pages which are designed with supposedly no accessibility in mind. I’ve used many automatic tools to analyze and examine accessibility violations. Those automatic testing tools only highlight the violations and manual checks. If the developer works on violation part then work increase for the auditor too, because either the violation goes unnoticed or drops into manual check. Lately, I audited a website on a sub-contract work for my UK based client. Below is a glimpse of the results before and after the design was made accessible. The following chart shows violation before testing:

Before Report

After I optimized the code with WCAG 2.0 SC level AA guidelines, the summary looks somewhat like this:

after report

It begs the question that how this affected the web page’s visualization? Well, presumably nothing for the normal user since they don’t know how accessibility can matter to others!page

For screen readers, this page is now a fun place where they can access each and every inch of the web page without losing information. That’s because the page is now equipped with WAI-Aria roles.

landmark1The Video demonstrate how WAI-Aria helps screen reader user to access web page easily.


Author: Danial

Hi! I am Danial, a student of Masters in Universal ICT Design at Oslo and Akershus University College, Norway. I am currently doing my research on Three-Dimensional (3D) Touch User experience for elderly people. The research analyzes how senior citizens use, think, and learn new gestures to operate smartphones so they integrate well in a society that's dominated by technology.

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